Like any other brand, Disney has its share of problems and opportunities. One of the largest issues that Disney faces is its high prices. Though many parents want to provide an enjoyable experience for their children, many people refrain from doing so as often as they would like due to financial issues clashing with Disney’s high prices (Hoovers, 2010). This in terms poses a negative influence for Disney because they lose out on possible profits. Another problem that Disney has is the fact that most of their advertising is targeted towards their primary market which includes 4-12-year-olds. This seems like not a bad idea, however; it is essential to remember that the parents of these children contain the purchasing power, therefore, more advertising to them is necessary to show them what they can benefit by taking their children there (Hoovers, 2010). 

On the other hand, though a very successful brand already, Disney has many opportunities to further their profits. The “Disney Imagineering” program is a way for everyone working with Disney to stay updated on the latest technology and always find new ways for innovation. This helps to make sure that Disney is always ahead of its competitors. This program makes for the opportunity to expand even further by getting actual consumers involved in the innovation. They could create a way for consumers to tell them new things that they would like to see at Disney, which in return would help them innovate by getting ideas straight from the consumer’s mouth. Another great opportunity is the fact that consumers are very trusting of the brand. With trusting consumers comes easy transitioning into new ideas and success. With the help of an IMC campaign, Disney can solve some of its problems. The campaign could give them an opportunity to advertise to their secondary target market, which are parents, and show them the benefits of bringing their children to Disney World. Also, the campaign could turn the negative high prices into a positive by showing that many perks come within the price. And that the experience positively outweighs the price by far.