The main objective of the AdverGators’s Digital IMC Campaign is to solve some of the problems that Disney has with its brand message to target consumers. With its high prices, our goal is to successfully advertise to our secondary market, parents between the ages of 35 to 55. We plan to show them that Disney has many things to offer, despite the price. By advertising to our secondary market, we would like to send the message that it’s more about the relationships that continue to expand and the unforgettable experience that both the parents and children can get by going there. We want parents to disregard the price and see the benefits they can get instead.

The coherent message and theme to be communicated via the campaign is not to emphasis the price but more so highlight all of the incentives that come with Disney’s price. We want parents to understand that Disney is worth the price when they see the smiles on their children’s faces and also the unforgettable memories they will create when they visit the parks and resorts. Magical Experience is a campaign where consumers can not only visit Disney’s Parks and Resorts with their loved ones but also be rewarded for sharing their memories with others through Disney’s digital media channels.

The most unique and distinctive characteristics are how personable and interactive this campaign is. It allows the consumer to feel special to the company. The campaign’s objectives will be met by people’s willingness to share their experiences with others, making them want to subsequently go to Disney. With technology, consumers can continuously update information through digital media outlets our campaign is providing. You can upload pictures to Facebook allowing other to see how beautiful the parks and resorts are as well as the attractions available within. With the ‘Check-In’ feature on Facebook, users could let their friends know where they are exactly while visiting Disney’s Parks and Resorts.

Through Facebook, fans can share their experience while visiting Disney’s parks and resorts with the benefit of having others comment or simply “like” their posts. Also, by becoming a fan of the Facebook page, you are capable of receiving different prizes. Those consumers with Twitter accounts can choose to follow Disney and will be eligible for a discount or incentive when booking a vacation package. This contest will be held on a seasonal basis. Success of the campaign will be determined by Disney’s Parks & Resorts sales. Depending on the amount of ticket sales from the initial start of the campaign will indicate whether people are responding to our Digital IMC Campaign. Though, Disney currently has digital outlets that let you discuss your experience with its parks and resorts. They are limited to discussion type forums with a lack of interaction with the company and other consumers where they would feel appreciated with other incentives.

With each component of the Digital IMC Campaign, Disney’s brand image will continue to grow. Through the three digital media channels, Disney can interact with the consumers, allowing them to become more engaged with Disney as a brand and recognize all it has to offer. This will signify how Disney’s advantages outweigh the price. With Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Disney’s Parks and Resorts can feature Magical Experience through posts, comments, videos, pictures and more. The campaign will also feature two non-digital media channels, posters and lamppost banner advertisements. We will use posters to achieve advertising objectives and increase brand awareness by placing multiple units in strategic locations while lowering the cost per thousand impressions. In lamppost banner advertising, lamp columns are sited everywhere, allowing advertisers to use banners to target precise geographical locations and create massive promotional awareness. On these banners, there would be different slogans that would capture one’s attention and trigger them into wanting to have a Magical Experience with Disney’s Parks and Resorts. These ads will also target both parents and children separately, because we want to emphasize that the experience is just as enjoyable for one segment as it is for the other. A Magical Experience is only magical if it’s for everyone.