Walt Disney World is one of the most prominent entertainment companies in the world. It began making theme parks in 1971 and is the worlds largest and most visited recreational resort (Disney Corporate, 2011). Every year thousands of tourist come to see this beautiful attraction, which truly makes it a one in a lifetime experience. The main goal for Disney World is to make it the first place in a consumers mind when it comes to going to a recreational attraction. They have made it to be an alternate reality where children and parents can come and enjoy together in harmony. Disney emphasize the whole concept of you are paying for the “experience”. There are some factors that go into this great company which include the four P’s (product, price, place, promotion).

In terms of product Disney World has many features it can offer such as the numerous amount of theme parks and water parks. These include but are not limited to: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon. These theme parks attract consumers generally kids from a variety of ages all the way up to twelve. For the most part all these theme parks have the same characteristics in the sense that the whole central idea is the “experience” and “alternate reality.” When dealing with price it ranges considering the amount of days, number of people, time of the season and if they have any vacation packages and theme park packages as well (Disney World, 2011). Disney World’s strongest presence must be their place and their reach is global. They have theme parks in places such as China, Japan, France and around the United States. When it comes to promotions Disney is always giving vacation packages and discounts depending on the time and season. They have ads on television and have some promotions such as “kids fly free” or “round trip airfare for cheap.” They also are connected in the social network world such as Facebook and YouTube. This gives the consumers more incentives for visiting and continuing to come back to these theme parks (Schein, 2011).

Some of the brand attributes that makes this company so prominent is the fact that there are always trying to find new innovative ways to stay in front of their competitors. They developed this program of Disney Imagineering, which is always trying to find and implement new and fun ways for making Disney World a more enjoyable experience. They are starting to tap into the mobile sector where they see a big trend, including things such as ringtones, games, and wallpapers (Smith, 2009).

Some of the key competitors that Disney currently has are Six Flags, SeaWorld, and Universal Parks. All six U.S. Disney Theme parks logged in increasing numbers 2010. Overall the other competitors increased as well with Six Flags at 5.7 % and SeaWorld at 2.5% (Hirsch, 2005). Despite these efforts the economy has still taken a toll on these theme parks. Families are not able to afford the trips and vacations they once have before.  They are currently running commercials on television where they show children’s reactions when they are surprised with the idea of going to Disney World. This goes to show how fun and exciting it is not only for the children but also for the parents. Disney is a global brand image and is very well known, it wants to continue emphasizing the “whole experience,” where the parents can be there to see their children enjoy the same things they did when they were younger.